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Here, you'll find everything you need to engage the children and young people at your school and help them find their way to play using your search widget

Download the Launch Pack

The Launch Pack

Find everything you need to get the word out about your search widget

We’ve put together all the resources you’ll need to let the children and young people at your school know about your new search widget. From newsletter copy to social assets, you’ll find it all in the Launch Pack.

What's in the Launch Pack?

Newsletter Copy

We’ve put together a sample newsletter email with copy and content that will tell children and their parents everything they need to know about your new search widget and how to use it. Use it in your school’s newsletter or blog to get the word out.

Social Post Assets

We’ve included images for your social channels that visually explain what the search widget is and how Playwaze for Schools works.

Social Stories

You can also post these graphics as stories on your socials.

Social Copy

We’ve included a PDF with both short and long-form copy for you to use on your social channels. From captions and tweets, to blog posts.

SMS Text Copy

Send a message via your school’s communications app or SMS.

Provider PDF

Does your school work with activity providers who want to get their activities on the Playwaze for Schools activity finder? Send them the Provider PDF which will tell them everything they need to know to get more children and young people involved in their activities.

Asset Bank

Want to create your own emails, webpages, social content and more?

From illustrations and diagrams to logos and product shots – we’ve put all of our digital assets into the asset bank folder in the launch pack.

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